Tuesday, June 29, 2010

16 Wishes part dos

16 wishes what would you wish for?

9. Carl needs this shirt

10. An understanding of Mathematics and/or Accounting

11. A letter to Hogwarts and/ or an invitation to live at the plaza. Take your pick genie.

12. More bike lanes

13. Media that glorifies the strong body over the skinny

14. Ability to stand on my head

15. Travel the Mediterranean

16. Meet Terry Gross or own a dress designed by Edith Head.

ok so Anderson and I had a mixup. I thought this was just 16 wishes, no expiration date, so seeing how some of mine may be verging on the impossible due to age, death, or magicalness we will just have to use our imaginations.

16 Wishes part dos the Revised Version

9. Carl will buy that shirt (once it goes on sale, or find one like it at a thrift store)

10. Carl will go to school and work hard to learn these foreign languages

11. Carl will go to London and find platform 9 and 3/4 or have lunch at the Plaza (or due to lack of sufficient funds she will reread Eloise and all of the Harry Potter books)

12. Carl will ride her bike more

13. Carl will workout, eat healthy (chocolate shake included), and maintain the mindset that all bodies are beautiful (especially with the right shoes!)

14. Carl will go to yoga everyday to figure this mystery out

15. Carl will save her money

16. This is a tough one. Listen to NPR more? Watch more Hitchcock movies?? I am not sure, but for now I think I will start with re-watching Rear Window. sigh. They just do not make dresses like that anymore...

*Picture via Moderate in the Middle

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