Sunday, September 5, 2010

Guest Post: I do (someday, maybe)

Today, I am honored to christen "Carl and Anderson" with their first guest blogger entry. These two fashionable and simply savvy ladies have a great bit of good to say, and I can only hope that my entry here tonight will be in some way comparable to their past opinions. So here it goes:
Lately, with the start of a new school year at a southern baptist college, the topics of marriage, relationships, love, and dating have come up with a frequency that is dangerously close to criminal. Not that I don't appreciate a good opportunity like a date or wedding to throw on a fabulous dress and my best dancing shoes (cut to above picture of the Kennedy nuptials), but why at twenty years old must marriage and love be our foremost concern? Why not coast? Meet, greet, mingle, enjoy the lovely and interesting people this world has to offer, and then upon meeting someone a bit more fantastic than the rest find myself feeling ready. Maybe, just maybe, would it be okay to wait until the moment hits me to want marriage. Could it possibly be that we, as a human race, are able to be content with our romantic situations married or single? I am currently leaning towards a ringing affirmative. I think I might just try my very best to recognize where I am in life as a good place and recognize that when dating, love, and marriage opportunities arise that hopefully they'll be good ones too. That's it for now.

-Guest Blogger, Sadie Ellis

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