Sunday, October 10, 2010


Victor & Rolf
Alexander McQueen
Haider Ackermann Paris

It amazes me, the transition from New York fashion week to Europe. The trends of wearable fashion from New York are thrown to the wayside in favor of abstract art in Europe. Striking color, pattern, geometric shapes, and architectural design mark a new form of fashion on the runways of Paris and Milan. Clicking my way through the shows in New York had my brain racking for ways in which my wallet could meet my fantasies to obtain a certain turban or short, but with the Europe runways my calculations were replaced more with contemplation. I wanted less to steal the clothes for myself than to run and frame them on my wall. While one struck me more for reflection, I am not sure that this makes it better. I like to wear my clothes and inspiration comes from both - the body and the frame, so I guess this was just a ramble, but if anyone else is reading... what would you say wearability or avant garde?

* Photo 1 and 2 found via Photos 3 found via The Sartorialist.

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  1. i love to see wearable clothes. i like looking at a runway show and saying, hey i can wear that. while i also enjoy things i could never acually wear myself, being able to relate to clothing is important.