Saturday, August 27, 2011

Celtic Women

Guided Tour of Wicklow
  • 5 minuet Glenmacnass Waterfall picture stop. Get off bus, snap picture, get on bus
  • Enjoy Irish countryside
  • 2 hour Glendalough stop - Kevin's Monastary and hike to see lakes and waterfall. Hiking is beautiful, blisters are hideous beasts.
  • Enjoy more Irish countryside
  • 1.5 hour Avoca Village weaving mill and lunch
  • Long drive back - Lulled into sleep by driver's musical selection of celtic women and Jimmy Buffet
  • Back to Dublin where we catch the end of the market day in Temple bar area — most vendors had already left so we weighed the options and skipped to dessert
  • Hobble back to hotel — blisters have now become swollen feet, but no regrets because I saw two waterfalls today. Two.

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