Sunday, August 28, 2011

Queen of Tarts

Not thrilled about missing church

Last day
  • Walk to 8:30 service at Saint Patricks Cathedra
  • Arrive 8:32 - cannot find entrance
  • Walk to Christ Church to check their services. They have one at 11
  • Walk back to Saint Patricks and enlightened by ticket man. Service starts 8:30. Doors lock at 8:20. There are no tardies.
  • Missed the Saint Patrick's service, but paid to see the inside anyway. I have always had a thing for churches and castles.
  • Walk through Saint Patrick's park
  • Walk to Queen of Tarts - I eat breakfast
  • Book it to Church of Christ 15 minuets early. We will not be late.
  • Service at Church of Church - (best idea of entire trip) watch little Charlie get baptized, listen to choir
  • Back to Queen of Tarts - Emily eats lunch
  • Walk to temple bar to look at market — market only opens saturday
  • Get lost
  • Visit Dublin's National Museum - learn some facts about vikings
  • Walk around Saint Stephen's green
  • Get lost
  • grab food to go
  • pack
  • 11:30 bed — dread 3:45am wake up call for 6:20am flight
*It sounds like a long day, and it was, but we had a great trip. My partner in crime is a master planner.

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