Friday, September 30, 2011


with our fearless guide


Chamonix Mont Blanc

Fly into Switzerland. Walk over to France to pick up our rental.

  • 8 kids who have never rented a car before, much less driven in a foreign country, with a vague sense of direction, and four street names written on a sheet of paper
  • Weave in and out of Switzerland and France many, many times
  • Lost a few times
  • The Swiss are so helpful

3 hours later Check into Hotel and eat

Wake up, hike, and drink tea in the Mountains


  • Repelling is HARD. Flopping and thrashing about, I smacked into that waterfall enough times to curate a beautiful collection of bruises.
  • Canyoners don't mess around with their wetsuits.
  • Think to myself ohmygoshican'tbeliveijustdidthat repeatedly.
  • Best. Day. Of. My. Life.

Back at the hotel
  • We equipped ourselves with the necessities, enough cheese to load a ship and enough chocolate to drown it.

Adios Switzerland/France it's been swell.


  1. that sounds so fun! i'm glad the SWEDISH were so nice! your so worldly you went to SWITZERLAND and France and you even met some lovely SWEDISH people! I guess SWEDEN must be pretty close to SWITZERLAND if there were so many SWEDISH people there. But does this mean the natives of SWITZERLAND weren't nice? you know the SWISS

    i'm sorry.... i had a bad day.... i love you :)

  2. oh wow thank you! correcting that pronto.