Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Luby's. What can I say, it's an American icon. It's true that some people say that it is "old people food", but as any true Lubyien will tell you cafeteria style mac'n cheese is fun for ages 9 to 90! However, lately I have been losing faith I feel like every time I turn around another Luby's has closed for good. Then i found it. Yes my friends Luby's has gone digital. There are all sorts of fun tabs from "Goodies" to my personal favorite "Get Lubyfied", but don't let me tell you, go and check out the fun for yourself!


  1. Hello dear sweet K,
    I love reading your blog posts. It looks wonderful there. I hope you are enjoying every minute!

  2. here I thought maybe you found a Luby's in Spain.

  3. AHAHAHAH I wish I did but this is all H's work.